You have questions, we have answers!

What makes Gatti orifice assemblies better than what I am currently using?

We have been in the waterjet orifice business for over 40 years and have been working with sapphire jewels for the majority of our nearly 100 year company history! We are a company owned and managed by degreed engineers who understand the detailed physics and fluid dynamics behind what actually makes waterjet work. Over the years, we have been awarded several patents on nozzle design including the industry benchmark High Cohesive® waterjet orifice patent. Our core business is manufacturing waterjet orifice assemblies; WE ARE NOT RESELLERS. We manufacture our own housings, polish and finish our own sapphires, and assemble & test each orifice in-house at our Trenton, NJ plant. We understand how to produce a sapphire orifice that yields high-performance while still providing long-life. We carry a huge amount of inventory and over 90% of our orders ship the same day.

What is a High Cohesive® waterjet orifice?

High Cohesive® technology was developed and patented in 1993 by company president Tom Ursic. Our High Cohesive® orifice assemblies produce the most coherent UHP waterjet stream available anywhere on the market. This means more of your pumps energy is delivered to the work rather than being lost to inefficient turbulence. Every High Cohesive® orifice assembly is tested in-house at 50,000psi to ensure it meets our stringent standards for stream coherency. If the assembly fails this test, it is rejected and is not shipped. The High Cohesive® design provides the optimal combination of performance along with long orifice life.

Can I order online from your website?

At this time we do not offer online ordering directly from our website. Please use our contact form to send us an email with your order request or any questions you may have. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.  Of course, you may call us for immediate order processing between 8:00am – 4:30pm EST Monday – Friday.

What kind of life can I expect from a sapphire orifice?

This is a loaded question! There are many factors at play when discussing orifice life. By far, the most important factor would be water quality. It is critical to have properly filtered (and conditioned) water to have a long lasting orifice. Poor water quality is the #1 factor which leads to premature failure of UHP sapphire orifices. We put great care into polishing our sapphire orifices to a level that provides both a high-performance jet and also tolerance to water impurities. Statistically, you can expect to see anywhere from 30-50+ hours average lifespan in a field operating environment from our sapphire orifices. In extremely ideal conditions with properly conditioned water, our orifices have lasted for over 200 hours while running at 60,000psi. Please contact us directly if you think that you may have a water quality problem. There are several easy steps you can take to improve your water quality and orifice life.

We have a special need for a custom designed waterjet product. Is GATTI capable of manufacturing it?

Absolutely! We have a fully equipped machine shop that is dedicated to manufacturing our own products as well as special custom waterjet related work. We work with the toughest of stainless-steels on a daily basis. In fact, working with 13-8, 15-5, and 17-4 pH SS is our specialty. Over the years, we have developed the processes and methods to machine materials efficiently. We have state-of-the-art CNC machines run by experienced and seasoned operators.

Do you offer custom waterjet cutting service or other machine shop related services?

We are a production machine shop, not a job shop. Normally we do not take on job shop related machining work of a non-waterjet nature on our manual or CNC machines. Our 4’ x 9’ JetEdge® gantry-style waterjet cutting table is, however, used for both production and sub-contract cutting work. The machine has two cutting heads and is configured for a maximum of 3GPM at 50,000psi for the best cutting performance. We have abrasive waterjet machined components for the auto racing industry, template plates for the construction of a new aircraft hanger at a local airport, aftermarket suspension components for Subaru WRX rally racing cars, and custom corporate logos… to name a few! If you have a job that you think would be a perfect fit for waterjet cutting, please contact us for more information! We would be happy to discuss with you all the benefits of waterjet cutting as compared to other machining methods.

What are your terms of payment for new customers?

We accept Visa/MasterCard/AMEX as payment for new customers who have not yet been setup on open account. Open credit terms may be established by filling out, and faxing back to us, our standard credit application which can be downloaded by clicking here.